Your goal, my mission: company realignment, interim management, crisis management.


I am commissioned on a project-specific basis by medium-sized companies in the production industry and technical services sectors, as an interim manager for finance and controlling at management levels 1 or 2 or as a consultant. As an experienced, assertive yet cooperative and questioning CFO, I am valued by owners, investors and the corporate management, as well as by sales, production and technology managers.



Whether it be to fill in for a vacancy during the recruitment process/parental leave, or in a temporary position during incorporation into a group or for a specific company realignment project – with specialist knowledge kept constantly up-to-date and many years of management experience, I do justice to the faith shown in me.


Please feel free to contact me – we will match the concrete requirements of your company to my specific range of services. All information will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Kontakt: +49 151 50 68 38 38


I will gladly help you to achieve your business goals.


Helmut Riske


    Finance / Compliance


    In more than 20 years in CFO and Managing Director positions, I have been responsible for day-to-day finance and accounting activities, including organisational / technological realignment in numerous complex restructuring projects. Using MS Office, CODA, SAP FI and NAVISION.


  • Accounting: Preparing annual accounts and ensuring compliance
  • Setup, reorganization and centralization of accounting and financial accounting processes for the efficient production of auditable annual accounts in accordance with German GAAP (HGB) and IFRS. Validation of the documentation for rating analyses, notes and compliance (including SOX 404).


  • Reporting: Visualising information and analysing decisions
  • Integration of conventional data from financial accounting as well as sales, production and technology key performance indicators into reports for owners, banks and the management. Deployment of tools to investigate scenarios concerning the future impact of measures on the KPIs.


  • Organisation: Structuring corporate planning and optimising restructuring
  • Short and long-term order volume analysis, fixed costs development and investments are summarised in a prospective cash flow statement to facilitate a comparison of the target/actual situation. Implementation of corporate goals into target costing and the budgeted balance sheet.



    Controlling / Turnaround


    Corporate growth and success are based on the performance of the people involved. My questioning, supportive work with technical, sales and administration experts and the use of tools such as COGNOS, Professional Planer and SAP CO have proven successful.


  • Cash: Minimising working capital and budgeting cash flow
  • Optimisation of integrated corporate planning, with the items quantity structure, price, unit costs within the timeframe of the value chain. Escalation management in the event of non-compliance with delivery times and payment terms. Transition to rolling control of cash flow and investments.


  • Costs: Validating cost calculations and optimising capacity utilisation
  • Setup and updating of highly-automated costs and performance data recording within the corporate process. Specific analysis of cost allocation, fluctuations in capacity utilisation and quality assurance costs. Planning investments and profit contribution per cost object and cost centre.


  • Customer: Defining offers and calculating orders
  • Organisation and validation of risk management in connection with individual offers and deviations from the standard frame contract. Workshops with the management team and the departments sales, production, legal and quality management in order to analyse overrun of costs and deadlines.



    Mergers & Acquisitions


    In more than 20 years of practical experience, I have already implemented target-oriented M&A process workflows for spin-off or integration of medium-sized companies, in international companies in particular. Ahead of the kick-off, teams are given responsibility to work on the following topics.


  • Priority: Convincing customers and revising processes
  • Updating the product life cycles within the portfolio, pre and post-merger. Devising customer-specific concepts for short-term consolidation and medium-term growth. Analysis and finalisation of new processes for optimised delivery of services, post-merger.


  • Employees: Structuring the organisation and motivating key players
  • Chairing target-oriented workshops with key players before and during the process of change in order to dovetail the new organisation and the processes. Involvement in human resources development planning. Compliance consultancy with feasible power of authority rules.


  • Goals: Initiating projects and finalising corporate planning
  • Derivation of the operational KPIs from strategic corporate planning and revision of the short and medium-term subplans. Specification of definable projects with measurable goals for the further development of markets, products, employees and supply chain management.